Ice Fishing – Where to Find Fish

Clearly ice fishing is much more fun on the off chance that you are getting fish, not staying there freezing almost to death pondering where the fish are. Follow these accommodating tips to discover fish under the ice, in any event, when nobody else is getting any.

This article isn’t tied in with tracking down a specific types of fish, yet about broad areas of all fish throughout the cold weather a very long time after a waterway has frozen solid.

Most ice anglers normally go where others are fishing, calculating the other person should be getting fish where he is. Now and again you will see a bit “town” of ice fishing shanties spring up in light of the fact that everybody is in that “monkey-see-monkey-do” mode. They may all be looking fish, however at some point or another the nibble will back off or even stop completely. Presently what? Do you get together your stuff and head home, or do you migrate and trust you discover more fish?

What many ice anglers don’t understand is that all fish react to fishing pressing factor, and fish under ice are no special case. Another factor in fish area is “seasons”. Similarly as fish in a lake move around and change areas between spring, summer, fall and winter, fish under ice do exactly the same thing from late-fall to mid-and pre-spring. Their taking care of propensities likewise change during this moving.

The “towns” referenced prior will in the end become “phantom towns” not on the grounds that the entirety of the fish have been gotten, this is on the grounds that they have moved away to another area. The great ice angler will realize where to go to discover them once more, and continue getting fish.

In your psyche attempt to isolate the colder time of year into three “seasons”. Early ice, midwinter ice, and pre-spring ice. On the off chance that you fish in a specific lake in the pre-winter, and you discover a region holding a decent measure of fish, mark that spot with GPS or on a guide, or imprint the spot in your memory utilizing shore highlights. Get back to that spot after the main ice and chances are the fish will in any case be there.

More often than not when a lake freezes throughout interestingly, the fish will in any case be situated in a similar general territory where they were before the freeze. There is no unexpected mass migration of development after the principal ice. Regardless of whether the fish are hanging out in more profound water, they will climb into shallower water to take care of. This is normally where the “shanty town” will show up. These areas are normally shallow pads close to profound water, summer weedbed zones, submerged brushy territories or spots with overwhelmed wood. Submerged edges with cover are ideal for holding fish during this period.

One more great spot to attempt as of now is steep drop-offs where shallow level regions plunge into more profound water. The fish might be organizing on these drop-offs, however head up to the pads to benefit from baitfish. Dejections in level territories will likewise hold fish.