Property Buying Guide for Spain

On tracking down an appropriate property and you wish to continue with its buy then a private agreement will be drawn by your legal counselor as an understanding among merchant and buyer. This agreement will contain all subtleties pertinent to the property including-Description, price tag and store, type of installment, punishment provisions, stock (if relevant), and an ‘at the latest’ culmination date. At the point when the two players are concurred then the agreement is marked and the store will get payable, generally 10% of the price tag.

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At this stage you should be certain that the property is the one for you as a rule there is a proviso in the agreement expressing that assuming the purchaser repeals, they lose their store, or in the event that the merchant revokes, they should return twofold the store to the buyer.


Before marking the Title deeds (Escritura) the legal counselor will lead look and acquire a Nota Simple to guarantee the seller is the enlisted proprietor, all assessments have been paid, if any charges or obligations exist on the property and that unmistakable title can be gotten.

The deeds are endorsed at the public legal officials office face to face by merchants and buyers or by their agent if a notarised Power of Attorney is accessible. It is consequently essential ec blog to illuminate your representative straightaway in the event that you can’t go to at the public accountants to empower Power of Attorney to be organized.

Typically the Deeds are marked, (culmination), inside 30 days of the private agreement however this can be reached out to any period if commonly concurred. Preceding marking all bills identifying with the property should be demonstrated to be settled exceptional, (power, water, rates, and so forth,) the legal advisor or ourselves will make these accessible for assessment by the public accountant.


The full equilibrium of the installment is needed before the title can be moved to the buyer; consequently it is fundamental that plans be made for assets to be accessible preceding fulfillment.

The buyer should likewise acquire a monetary number or NIE to enroll the property; we will obviously assist you with getting this. Installment can be made differently, yet for the most part by bank move or broker’s check or draft, and can be in Euros, the nearby cash, or an unfamiliar money, if again commonly concurred.