Want That Job? Rely on Practical Advice Over Lucky Pants!

What preparation do you make when faced with a Job Interview?

A survey of over 10,000 people by notable employment law specialists, found that 84% of respondents wear what they believe is something lucky, with 6 in 10 of these wearing lucky underwear. Additionally 73% of respondents admit to checking their horoscope immediately before an interview believing it will be an indicator of whether they get the job or not.

The top 10 lucky charms candidates take with them to a job interview were found to be:


  • Lucky Underwear (sometimes unwashed!)
  • Lucky Jewellery
  • Brooch
  • Lucky shoes (polished, one hopes…)
  • An object from Childhood, i.e. blanket/teddy
  • 4 leaf clover
  • Key ring
  • Lucky stone
  • Lucky Pen/Pencil
  • Lucky photograph of someone i.e. boyfriend/relative


So, if you don’t want to rely on lucky (but unwashed – Yuck) pants, here are some thoughts on how to get that job……


  1. Luck doesn’t start with your pants on the day of the interview. Employment starts with reading adverts, which results in (perceived) luck!
  2. Pick jobs in which you meet the basic skills free employment advice requirements for, which is more true for Government posts over commercial work. NEVER LIE from this point forward in an application, to your potential future employer or yourself – NOTE: 70% of applicants do: wonder if that’s the same 70% wearing unwashed “lucky” pants???
  3. Read their website, and make some notes on where the company is going/what it has achieved
  4. If there is a telephone number to ask questions before applying – call it! Do some preparation first, and make sure to have three questions which can’t be answered by reading the advert or their website alone
  5. Now, specifically adjust your CV to bring out the skills you have for that job, ie – pull certain points forward which the job asks for; if it asks for Xyears experience of Y, show you have X+ of Y+. If you think you CV/resume could be improved, use a free professional CV/resume review service
  6. Write a cover letter which shows you have those skills – 1/3 applicants don’t, and are immediately rejected. Pull them out specifically as bullet points if necessary (max of three core skills)
  7. Two days before your interview, prepare by re-reading the job advert, their website and your CV/Resume. Check your travel plans and timings – including scheduled road works – and allow an extra 30mins
  8. The day before the interview, make sure your clothes are prepared and clean – Ladies: no overt cleavage showing; Gents – clean shirt and tie, and polish those shoes. Re-check those travel plans
  9. On the day of the interview – shower thoroughly! Read the advert, your website notes and your CV on the way there
  10. After the interview, what ever the result, ask for feedback – it makes you more prepared for the next interview, or know what they like/expect of you in post


Put these techniques, together with a review of your CV/resume by a professional, and you should be employed very soon in that dream job.