What Is Traffolyte Engraved Plastic Labels

Traffolyte engraved plastic marks are utilized across numerous enterprises offering a wide scope of employments and applications. We take a gander at what Traffolyte is and its advantages.

At Base Labels, we have an abundance of skill in etching and modifying the right items for your business needs, regardless of whether you require signage, labels, control board patterns or link markers.

We utilize different materials to make custom items; so read on to see whether Traffolyte is the right item for your necessities.

What is Traffolyte?

Traffolyte is the normal business term for a multifaceted overlaid plastic and was customarily produced using material pitches that were astoundingly sturdy and warmth safe.

Plastic innovation has progressed significantly since its first beginning and the overlaid plastic we use at Base Labels is produced using acrylic-based materials.

This material is comprised of various layers of various shadings which implies that any engraved region will be in a differentiating tone to the actual mark, making it simple to peruse and a more extended shading speed contrasted with conventional printing. Despite the fact that the material is alluded to as Traffolyte Labels there are numerous brands and various terms of etching plastics you may go over.

The brands we use are Gravoply, Rowmark and Trolase. They are the greatest business driving brands with better completion and longer-enduring shading in open air conditions. These materials are designed explicitly for use with Co2 lasers.

Advantages of Traffolyte

Traffolyte is most normally utilized in the electrical business. From switchboards to circuit ID, Traffolyte is a dependable answer for the legal and wellbeing marks that are needed for recognizing circuits and electrical hardware in any establishment.


Not at all like different plastics Traffolyte is fundamentally a sandwich of various shaded layers, this implies when combined with exact laser etching, the subsequent items have extremely enduring simple to peruse and neat content.


Like most acrylics, Traffolyte is not difficult to cut into any ideal shape and effortlessly engraved, giving adaptability and flexibility inside a plan.


Traffolyte is UV steady, climate safe, heat safe and impenetrable to most synthetic substances. Traffolyte doesn’t direct power that is the reason it is normally utilized in the electrical business giving an intense and durable answer for any business.

  • Control-board with-Traffolyte-Engraved-Plastic-Labels
  • Normal Uses for Engraved Traffolyte
  • Cautioning Labels
  • Switchboard Labels
  • Mining Equipment Labels
  • Press Button Labels
  • GPO Labels
  • Electrical Labels
  • Pointer Light Labels
  • ID Labels
  • Selector Switch Labels
  • Consistence Plates
  • Control Panel Plates
  • Administrator Instruction Plates
  • Sun based Label Kits

Traffolyte engraved plastic marks – As you can see this material has a scope of assorted uses and applications, it is dependable, tough, and intelligible making it an ideal answer for your business. For more data on Traffolyte, Engraved Plastic Labels reach us at Base Labels on (07) 5534 2983 or visit our Laser Engraved Labels page.